4x4 Games

4x4 Games

Our collection features a wide range of offroad driving challenges. You can hit the mountain slopes in a popular Jeep or completely customized truck. Pimp your ride with crazy colors, new wheels, and an upgraded engine. When you enter a race, you can pass your opponents and overtake obstacles while looking totally awesome! We have an insane amount of courses featuring stunning mountains, breathtaking valleys, and death-defying jumps. Our 4x4 games will have you speeding to the ends of the Earth!

⚙ What are the most popular 4x4 games?

  1. Offroader V5
  2. 4x4 Soccer
  3. Offroaders
  4. Earn to Die 2: Exodus
  5. Earn to Die 2012
  6. Earn to Die
  7. Earn to Die 2012: Part 2
  8. Offroaders 2
  9. Dune Buggy
  10. Pencak Silat

Driving a powerful 4x4 is easy and fun with these 4x4 games. Press the accelerator to move forward and plow through any debris in your path. In the unlikely chance you want to slow down, just slam the brakes to stop your ride. Certain trucks are equipped with turbo boosts to provide extra bursts of speed. If you need to climb a steep hill, you can engage the boost to ascend quickly and conquer the track. Rev your engine to drive over dirt, grass, mud, and sand!